Boba Fett didn’t get better—everyone else got worse.

Or, more accurately, Boba Fett didn’t get a radical overhaul. He got a bunch of small buffs in a world of nerfs. Many of his improvements are best appreciated in the bigger context of Second Edition X-Wing. If you haven’t seen Boba in action yet, here’s what’s new and improved:

  • Native white boost
  • Svelte medium base for navigating asteroid fields
  • Keeps his four-shield-to-six-hull ratio as the damage deck becomes more punitive
  • Red reinforce action
  • Marauder title and resulting access to Han Solo (Scum) gunner
  • Native extra munitions on bombs in a swarm meta
  • Synergy with 0-0-0 crew

As I tried to come up with a Boba list, I realized all of those advantages are not unique to Boba. They’re inherent to the Firespray. His ability is terrific, and even more so in a world where every ship doesn’t have ready access to full offensive mods. But the Firespray chassis is interesting now.

Hence this list:

I brought this squad to the first local kit tournament for Second Edition, and it ended up 3–1, which makes me think there might be potential in multiple-Firespray builds. For reference, I beat Boba-quad-quad-fang, four-ship Scum, and XXXHWK. I lost to XXHWK.

Koshka works like a little Boba, forcing an even harder 0-0-0 decision for my opponent at Range 1 because the stress gives her offensive and defensive mods. L3-37 synergizes with Han, as she can open up a dial that sorely lacks blue maneuvers. And the Gunrunner with Cloaking Device is a menace.

Koshka’s only failing is that 0-0-0 doesn’t do quite enough to justify boosting into Range 1 instead of focusing at Range 2. One reroll on offense and defense without a token does not make you Boba Fett. The list would also greatly benefit from bombs, both as an anti-swarm insurance and to take advantage of the kamikaze nature of the list.

As such, I’ve considered—but not tested—this edit:

You could also pretty easily make a Second Edition format-compliant version which uses the Escape Craft instead of the Z-95.

As an aside, I also briefly mulled Koshka with Viktor Hel or Asajj Ventress, just to get her ability off more reliably. Apparently this temptation is by design. Here’s Koshka’s first appearance from FFG’s Edge of the Empire role-playing game:

“You sure know how to send an invitation, Koshka!”
The duracrete wall sheltering Viktor Hel shook
slightly, and dust flew free of the growing web of
cracks near his head.
If you think your double Firespray list is better built than a shoddy duracrete wall built by an overworked Rodinian contractor, drop it in the comments.


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