Think of the great draft values of all time. Pavel Datsyuk to the Red Wings at 171. Draymond Green to the Warriors at 35. 4-LOM to me at eight.

I challenged my buddy “Ryan Talonbane” to a league game over vassal the other day. And since we both love the good ol’ Trandoshan Slaver, I suggested a Party Bus-off. We would each get three YVs and would draft the 18 crew to fill them. He suggested two YVs each, a 12-crew draft, and a third ship of our choosing. It was a good edit, as the third ship added flexibility and strategy.

All crew would be considered unique. Unpicked crew could be used on the third ship. I won the opening coin toss and picked first. I took Dengar.

1. Dengar (Sam)

Really a no-brainer. Best upgrade in the game, even with just the one re-roll against generics. Works even off the hard stop maneuver.

2. K-4 Security Droid (Ryan)
3. Maul (Ryan)

Ryan answered with two Dengar-esque options. He assured himself re-rolls for both of his buses, which I could only do for the one with Dengar, as K-4 had been made unique.

4. Zuckuss (Sam)
5. Inspiring Recruit (Sam)

I wanted to take Zuckuss and 4-LOM here to complete the classic Party Bus. But Inspiring Recruit synergizes well with both Zuckuss and Maul, making him a slam-dunk pick at six. I had to keep the Recruit off his roster.

6. Tactician (Ryan)
7. Jabba the Hutt (Ryan)

Ryan loves Tactician on the YV. The 180-arc creates a huge range 2 band. Whatever momentum he had with that pick, however, he blew sky high by taking Jabba the Hutt. A real head-scratcher.

8. 4-LOM (Sam)
9. Boba Fett (Sam)

I was excited to see 4-LOM still on the board. Part of me wanted to grab the Gunner/Bossk pairing, but 4-LOM is too good for just one point.

10. Outlaw Tech (Ryan)
11. Intelligence Agent (Ryan)

I was hoping Outlaw Tech would be there at 12. Intelligence Agent wasn’t on our draft board back at Bloglet HQ, but could be clutch depending on initiative/our third ships.

12. Greedo (Sam)

Obvious synergy with Boba Fett. Gritty role player. Loves the game and hustles. Workout warrior.

Ryan gave me some flak for taking cards that are good against high agility ships. But my crew ended up costing only eight points, which gives me 34 points for my third ship. That’s a good number, as I can grab PTL Fenn Rau if desired.

The unfortunate truth is, though, Ryan will probably beat me with something like this:

Trandoshan Slaver — YV-666 29
XX-23 S-Thread Tracers 1
Jabba the Hutt 5
K4 Security Droid 3
Rigged Cargo Chute 1
Engine Upgrade 4
Ship Total: 43
Trandoshan Slaver — YV-666 29
XX-23 S-Thread Tracers 1
Maul 3
Intelligence Agent 1
Outlaw Tech 2
Rigged Cargo Chute 1
Engine Upgrade 4
Ship Total: 41
Binayre Pirate — Z-95 Headhunter 12
“Hot Shot” Blaster 3
Munitions Failsafe 1
Ship Total: 16


If you wanna watch our game, stay tuned to the Bloglet Generator Facebook page, where I’ll give a heads up when we’re playing on Vassal. Then you can watch me lose to a list with six Burnout Slams.


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