Many veterans of X-Wing first edition are excited for the new version of the game. This post is not for them.

This post is for the many new players who will pick up the game—not realizing what they’re getting into—and soon find themselves trying to find their place in this time-sucking hobby. My new friends, when you’re in too deep, I hope you can check this list and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1. Trying to remember what your cards do

2. Struggling to avoid obstacles

3. Understanding how your ships work together

4. Planning your moves ahead of time

5. Anticipating your opponent’s moves

6. Thinking you’re good

7. Realizing you’re bad

8. Watching a lot of X-Wing games on YouTube and Twitch

9. Executing a game plan start to finish

10. Anticipating an opponent’s game plan

11. Gaining an advantage on Turn 0

12. Thinking you’re good

13. Realizing you’re just O.K.

14. Realizing the friendships you made while playing are more valuable to you than the result of any one game.

15. Really wanting to risk at least one of those friendships because of the odds of rolling EIGHT STRAIGHT BLANKS with a target lock


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