Hello there.

I abandoned my blog in a post-Worlds fugue and, in the meantime, Fantasy Flight Games announced everything I ever wanted. They even laid the groundwork for prequel factions.

So in the interest of catching up, I’m going to do a speed round here. If Christgau can nail Sgt. Peppers in two sentences, I can knock out the second edition of this game with bullet points.

Here’s my review of everything Star Wars-related I’ve been mulling over for the past three months, in no particular order:

  • X-Wing 2.0: Awesome, necessary
  • Force tokens: Neat
  • Calculate action: Delightful
  • The Last Jedi: Misunderstood
  • Moralo Eval flying off the board: Hilarious
  • New Firespray: Perfect
  • New Defenders: Overhyped
  • Four-dice YT-2400 primary: Gross
  • Luke crew: Perplexed why it exists
  • Heir to the Empire: Not bad
  • New docking rules: Being slept on
  • Miranda 2.0: Still the best regen?
  • Generics: Back in a big way
  • Three-dice primary Moldy Crow: The best
  • Dark Force Rising: Don’t remember what happens in this one
  • Solo Falcon: Exciting!
  • Solo itself: Boring!
  • New Rebel Fenn Rau: Still annoying
  • New Scum Fenn Rau: Still amazing
  • Howlrunner: Works on herself!
  • Six-TIE swarm: Tired
  • Seven-TIE swarm: Wired
  • Calling five ships a “swarm”: Expired
  • Revenge of the Sith: Underrated
  • Two Tubes bros: Two tubes way up
  • Alpha-Class Star Wing: Sleeping giant in second edition?
  • Lambda-class shuttle: Elegant and iconic
  • TIE Reaper: Ugly usurper not worthy to transport the Emperor!!
  • Scarif Base Pilot: Properly rated
  • “Vizier”: Underrated
  • Captain Feroph: Underrated
  • Major Vermeil: Overrated
  • Reylo: Canon
  • Dice mods: Will be missed
  • New TIE Phantom: Balanced but boring
  • The Last Command: Satisfying
  • Cavern Angel Zealot: New favorite pilot
  • New Leebo: Better than Dash
  • Guri at initiative five: Justice
  • Talonbane at initiative five: Crap
  • Ketsu: Will finally rival Asajj in 2.0 (pending reveal)
  • Kanan: Will once again be great in 2.0 (pending reveal)
  • New Lando rebel pilot card: Finally worthy of the character
  • Podracing in Destiny: The best FFG Star Wars product ever
  • Lowhhrick: Still evil

OK, that should get us more or less caught up. I’ll have more X-Wing posts in the lead-up to Second Edition which will cover all the above points with which you disagree. In the meantime, I’ll be playing Destiny. Podracing!


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