I don’t know if it’s the best faction in the history of X-Wing, but Scum & Villainy is certainly the most nerfed: the Deadeye ban, the Manaroo nerf, the Zuckuss errata…and now, in Second Edition, the +17 point adjustment to Boba Fett with Han Gunner.

So Scum’s Hyperspace options are weird. Boba Fett and Fenn Rau are undeniably top-tier pieces, but they’re costed as aggressively relative to their “chassis cost” as any non-force users. (Boba costs 10 more than Emon Azzameen, Fenn 12 more than Old Teroch.)

To run both ships and manage to fit a third—seemingly a requirement in the current meta—you need to keep Boba pretty lean, which makes this build some dude named Paul Heaver ran on the Gold Squadron Podcast stream interesting:

wow he let Lando die—what a scrub

Inspired by watching this list win Saturday night, I took a similar list (Boba–Fenn–L3-37) to the FLGS on Sunday afternoon for a kit tournament. I finished 3–1 after beating four-ship Resistance, three-ship Resistance, Vader swarm. I lost to a different Vader swarm in a close game in which I flew Fenn poorly.

Afterward, I felt convinced Qi’ra/Slave I was a combo good enough on Boba to keep building around. But I wondered if Fenn still had a place in the Hyperspace meta. The aforementioned lack of Autothrusters protection at Range 3 has turned the Fang Fighter into a hit-and-run specialist that drops a nuke at Range 1 and then takes three turns to re-engage. With Leia and Iden out there, Hyperspace seems to favor swarms that take a long time to kill. Is Fenn suited for that work?

Since the list already wants to make the first engagement happen on a rock that Boba locked Turn 1, maybe there’s a logic to trying Scum Han Solo, a pilot I’ve desperately wanted to be good since release. He can provide a steady number of two-dice shots at Initiative 6 while occasionally dropping a Fenn-esque bomb against an obstructed/stressed ship.

And taking it even further: Is there a good Scum Hyperspace list that REALLY doubles down on obstacle shenanigans? How many asteroid-related cards need to become Hyperspace legal before that kind of build goes from cute jank to serious control list?

Here’s a list of every rock-related card Scum gets in Hyperspace. I think FFG is trying to tell us something:

  • Han Solo (pilot)
  • Rigged Cargo Chute
  • Qi’ra
  • Tobias Beckett
  • Boba Fett (crew)
  • Seismic Charge
  • Trick Shot
  • Outer Rim Pioneer
  • All six Mining Guild pilots

I’m thinking about a Han/Boba/Mining Guild TIE list that features three copies of Trick Shot and two copies of Rigged Cargo Chute. If you’ve had any success with a similar concept, I’d love to hear about it.



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